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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Does a 6'2 , 275 lb Guy Fit in a Suzuki Cappuccino?

Thanks to Gary for being our tester here. The Suzuki Cappuccino is a JDM Kei Car. It was never intended for American sized people. We try and fit him into the Cappuccino. Close, but no cigar.

The Cappuccino are rear wheel drive, 657 cc turbocharged cars. 62 horsepower, 1600 lbs.

Suzuki Cappuccino For Sale here - http://www.importavehicle.com/vehicles/59/1992-suzuki-cappuccino

and here: http://www.importavehicle.com/vehicles/58/1992-suzuki-cappuccino

If he fits, it ships!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Buyers Guide

Friday, March 24, 2017

CARB finds vehicle standards are achievable and cost-effective

CARB votes to move forward with greenhouse gas reductions and
zero emission programs through 2025; action sets the table for
accelerating programs post-2025

RIVERSIDE – Today California re-affirmed its commitment to clean
air, protecting public health and continuing the fight against
climate change when the California Air Resources Board voted
unanimously to continue with the vehicle greenhouse gas emission
standards and zero-emission vehicle program for cars and light
trucks sold in California through 2025.

The action ensures that California and 12 other states that
follow its vehicle regulations, together accounting for a third
of the U.S. auto market, will move forward greenhouse gas
emission standards adopted in the 2012 process involving the
federal government, California and the automakers.

The Board also voted to support the expansion of the
zero-emission vehicle marketplace before 2025, calling for
redoubling current efforts underway to support market growth and
paving the way for new regulations to rapidly increase the number
of zero-emission vehicles required to be sold in California after

“Today ARB affirmed the technical reviews done by our own and EPA
staff, as well as the work of independent analysts,” said CARB
Chair Mary D. Nichols. “We invite the global industry to bring us
their best cars and trucks and take advantage of the willingness
of our leaders to provide a broad range of incentives to help
make these vehicles affordable. And we also invite them to come
sit down with us if they have specific concerns about
implementation of the existing regulations that can be addressed
without weakening the impact overall. The program is delivering
cleaner cars that save consumers money and are fun to drive:
That's how we do it in California.”

The Board vote was supported by representatives from the 12
states that have adopted California’s standards. Those states
together have a population of 113 million and constitute roughly
30 percent of the nation’s new car sales. Senior environmental
officials from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Oregon
testified at today’s hearing to urge the Board’s approval.

The Board action affirmed the comprehensive, multi-year staff
assessment and analysis that concluded that the standards for
model years 2022-25 are appropriate and feasible. The staff
assessment found that the technology to achieve them is not only
currently available, but has exceeded the original expectations,
both for level of development and cost, when the standards were
adopted with automaker support in 2012.

The Board’s vote reached the same conclusion as the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency in its final determination in
January on the federal greenhouse gas emission standards for
model years 2022-25.  Last week, however, the Trump
administration rescinded that decision at the request of
automakers, and announced that it intends to reconsider the final
determination in coordination with the National Highway Traffic
Safety Agency, which is responsible for setting the Corporate
Average Fuel Economy standards.

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr., Attorney General Xavier Becerra,
Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de Leon and Assembly Speaker
Anthony Rendon criticized the move by the Trump administration.

The Board’s decision to stay the course on standards to cut
greenhouse gases and smog-forming emissions was based upon the
findings of a comprehensive, 637-page staff report that included
an analysis of the Technical Assessment Report developed by
California and the federal agencies, which was released last
July.  The CARB staff report also includes the first
comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the zero-emission vehicle
market in California, including valuable new consumer research to
assess the benefits and use profiles of ZEVs now operating in

Based on these findings, the Board also voted to pursue policies
to support more than 4 million zero-emission vehicles in
California by 2030, and established a goal to continue reducing
average fleet-wide greenhouse gas emissions from new vehicles by
4-5 percent per year between 2025 and 2030.

“With the midterm review now in the rearview mirror, we look
forward to accelerating our efforts to develop the next set of
California vehicle standards,” said CARB Deputy Executive Officer
Alberto Ayala.  “California is also moving forward to accelerate
deployment of fuel cell and battery electric cars. That will put
us on track to meeting our clean air and climate goals for 2030
and also align California with current advanced vehicle
technology research and investment in the global auto

California, with nearly half of all zero-emission vehicles in the
nation, has several programs in place to further support the
growing electric car marketplace.  The state offers rebates to
new buyers or lessees of zero-emission vehicles, is rapidly
scaling the infrastructure for charging electric cards and
fueling hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and agencies are pursuing
nearly 200 actions to support the market, as identified in the
Governor’s 2016 ZEV Action Plan.

The Board expressed its commitment to support the ZEV marketplace
by continuing complementary programs such as the Low Carbon Fuel
Standard, and redoubling efforts on continued state incentives,
utility infrastructure programs, and expanded public education
programs, such as the newly established initiative through Veloz,
formerly the California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative.

The staff Midterm Review report is here:


Statement of Support from Connecticut:
“Connecticut and the other states who have adopted California’s
greenhouse gas standards have done so because motor vehicles are
a major contributor to our GHG emissions and reductions from the
California standards are key to meeting our climate goals.  We
applaud the effort that went into ARB’s comprehensive review and
we will continue to implement these standards while also strongly
supporting ZEV market development through innovative rebate
programs like the Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile
Purchase Rebate program. It must also be noted that analyses by
both EPA and ARB demonstrate these standards are achievable at
lower costs than originally projected so the federal government
should keep its promise to the states, the auto makers and, most
importantly, the American people who will benefit from the
electrification of our transportation systems by breathing
cleaner air and paying less at the pump.”  Commissioner Rob Klee,
Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Statement of Support from Massachusetts
“Since 1990 the Commonwealth has implemented the California
vehicle emission standards for automobiles as a critical means
for Massachusetts to meet greenhouse gas and emissions reduction
goals under the Global Warming Solutions Act, and the standards
have provided tremendous public health benefits in the Northeast
region over the years. Through the zero emission vehicle
standards approved by the California Air Resources Board, the
Massachusetts Global Warming Solutions Act and similar
requirements in neighboring states, our region continues to
ensure the protection of environmental resources and emissions
reductions in a coordinated effort to further reduce greenhouse
gas emissions.” Martin Suuberg, Commissioner of the Massachusetts
Department of Environmental Protection.

California is in a drought emergency.
Visit www.SaveOurH2O.org for water conservation tips.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nissan Pulsar GTi-R Buyers Guide

1991 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R
 The N14 series also saw the introduction of the Nissan Pulsar GTI-R three-door hatchback (chassis code E-RNN14 in Japan, and badged as Sunny GTI-R in Europe with chassis code EGNN14). This was a homologation variant produced between 1990 and 1994 in order to enter the WRC under Group A rules at that time. It featured the turbocharged 2.0-liter SR20DET engine producing 169 kilowatts (227 hp) and 29 kg·m (280 N·m; 210 lb·ft). The body is largely the same as the standard N14 three-door model, but distinguished by the large rear wing and bonnet scoop. It has an ATTESA all-wheel drive system and a unique variant (coded 54C) of the SR20DET engine (not used on any other car). With a power-to-weight ratio of 0.083 and AWD, the standard GTI-R is able to accelerate from 0–100 kph in the 5-second bracket, and cover the standing quarter-mile in the 13-second bracket (Nissan never quoted the official figures but Best Motoring magazine conducted several tests with standard cars during production). Top speed is officially stated as 232 km/h (144 mph).

1991 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R
 There were two distinct models of the Pulsar GTI-R sold to the general public, identifiable by the model number found on the VIN plate located on the firewall in the engine bay. There are no external visual differences.
  • RA models: GTI-RA (aka RA / Alpha / Road / Luxury), model number EBYNRVFN14xxxx. This was the normal road car, which came standard with air conditioningpower windows and mirrors, and ABS. Roughly half way through the production (August 1992), Nissan made a range of cosmetic changes to the interior of the RA model (mostly replacing trim that was unique to the GTI-R with trim that was common to other models in the N14 range). Although not advertised or branded as such, they were extensive enough (around 10 items) to be noticeable as a different phase or series, and are defined by chassis numbers RNN14-100000 and above. They were priced at ¥2,270,000.
  • was stripped-down as a base for motorsport use (Group N rallying in particular). It had the luxury trimmings such as air conditioningpower windows, and ABS removed as standard, and the simple interior trim from the base model Pulsar which reduced the curb weight by 30 kg (66 lb) to 1,190 kg (2,624 lb). Some of the luxury items were available as an option. The engine remained the same as the RA model, but there were a few mechanical changes such as a close-ratio gearbox and a front limited slip differential instead of the open differential from the RA model.
1991 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R
 Other versions:
  • Nismo: Nismo offered a "complete car" version based on the RB model featuring many of the Nismo rally options (such as suspension, limited slip differentials, seats, roll cage and foot rests). A confirmed total of 21 were produced, all of which are individually numbered on a special Nismo VIN plate on the firewall. Some were used by Nissan and Nismo as promotional vehicles, the rest were ordered by private buyers. They were priced at ¥3,140,000.
  • Group A: these rally models were not sold to the general public. They were specifically built and used for the WRC by the defunct Nissan Motorsports Europe (NME) as the works cars.
After NME was disbanded, the cars were sold to private buyers, predominately in Europe, where some made their way into rallycross events. Tony Bardy is currently still competing in UK rallies using the "J3" NME car.
The Pulsars were manufactured in Japan between August 1990 until November 1994. The total number produced during that time was somewhere between 12,000 and 15,000. It is unclear how many of them were RA and RB models.
The first year of production (1990–91) was the largest due to Nissan needing to fulfil the FIA Group A regulations (of 5,000 models total, with 500 of them homologated) in order to enter the model as a manufacturer in the WRC.
The RHD Sunny models for Europe were produced from 1992 until January 1995. No recorded data has been found for LHD models. No verifiable evidence has been available of Sunny GTI-R production numbers, but it is generally accepted that less than 1000 were produced in total. They were officially sold in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Iceland, Italy and France.
Nissan Sunny was the badge used for the European-delivered GTI-R. They had a different chassis number of EGNN14. The engine output specifications (220 PS / 162 kW and 267 Nm / 197 lb·ft) were slightly less due to the electronic control unit having different fuel and ignition maps to compensate for the lower octane fuel available in those areas. The Sunny GTI-R had several physical differences to the Pulsar, such as the rear number plate surround and rear fog lights. The interior also varied from the Pulsar with some of the more basic trim from the RB model.
1991 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R

1991 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R

SR20DET in a Pulsar GTi-R

Nissan Pulsar GTi-R Used car review

FUEL FILTER______ 16400 53J10 £10.20 

OIL FILTER ______15208 70J00 £5.20 

WASHER,DRAIN ______11026 01M02 £1.10 

HT LEADS 22450 54C27 ______£42.00 

REPAIR KIT DUST(p/s front hub side)_______39241 63Y25 £22.00 

RADIATOR ASSY _______21410 66Y01 £189(thin) 

RADIATOR ASSY_______ 21410-63C00 £???(thick) 

ROTOR,HEAD _______22157 54C01 £6.40 

CAP,DISTRIBUTOR_______ 22162 53J00 £15.40 

PUMP-WATER ASSY _______21010-54C00 £41.00? 

LAMBDA SENSOR________ 22690-54C00 £86.00? 

GASKET-ROCKER C ________13270 53J05 £7.20 

GASKET-TURBO CH________ 14445 26E00 £15.20

GASKET-EXHAUST ________20691 58E01 £2.90 

GASKET ________14415 17M00 £11.70

GEARBOX OIL SEAL ________38342 56E00 £5.20 

TRANSFERBOX OIL SEAL___________ 33111-56E00 £7.90

COIL LEAD__________ 22450-53J11 £12.40

ROTOR ARM___________ 22157 54CO1 £ 6.40 +vat

CV BOOT KIT(FRONT)___39241 63Y25 £21.50 +vat

AIR FILTER____________16546 3J400 £10.40 +vat


SERV MAN VOL2________SM1E2N4BGO £66.60 +vat

HAND BRAKE SWITCH____36011 50Y00 £ 7.20 +vat




STRUT KIT-FRONT SUSPENSION, RH______54302-69C25 £116 + vat

STRUT KIT-FRONT SUSPENSION, LH______54303-69C25 £116 + vat

STRUT KIT-REAR SUSPENSION, RH______55302-69C25 £116 + vat

STRUT KIT-REAR SUSPENSION, LH______55303-69C25 £116 + vat

Front Ornament (P Badge) 10/90 -10/92 62311 62892-62C00
Front Ornament 10/92 - 01/93 62311 62892-73C00
Front Ornament 01/93 - 62311 62892-73C60
Rear Air Spoiler Assy-Roof 10/90 - KH3 96030R 96030-54C25
Rear Air Spoiler Assy-Roof 10/90 - AJ4 96030R 96030-54C26
Rear Air Spoiler Assy-Roof 10/90 - 05/94 TJ1 96030R 96030-54C27
Rear Air Spoiler Assy-Roof 10/90 - 10/92 KJ7 96030R 96030-54C28
Rear Air Spoiler Assy-Roof 10/90 - 531 96030R 96030-54C85
Rear Air Spoiler Assy-Roof 10/92 - FM0 96030R 96030-54C27
Tow Hole Cover 10/90 - AJ4 62228 62228-54C00
Tow Hole Cover 10/90 - KH3 62228 62228-54C02
Tow Hole Cover 10/90 - TJ1 62228 62228-54C03
Tow Hole Cover 10/90 - KJ7 62228 62228-54C04
Tow Hole Cover 10/90 - 531 62228 62228-54C05
Tow Hole Cover 10/92 - FM0 62228 62228-74C02
Front Bumper (Fascia Kit) 10/90 - 05/92 AJ4, KJ7, 531 62650S 62022-54C25
Front Bumper (Fascia Kit) 10/90 - 05/92 KH3, TJ1 62650S 62022-54C26
Bonnet (No ventts just Holes) All All 65100 65100-653C0
Bonnet ventt Main (Air Intake) All All 65815 65852-54C00
Bonnet vent (Louver) RH 10/90 - AJ4 65810J 65832-54C00
Bonnet vent (Louver) RH 10/90 - KH3 65810J 65832-54C02
Bonnet vent (Louver) RH 10/90 - TJ1 65810J 65832-54C03
Bonnet vent (Louver) RH 10/90 - 10/92 KJ7 65810J 65832-54C04
Bonnet vent (Louver) RH 10/90 - 531 65810J 65832-54C05
Bonnet vent (Louver) RH 10/92 - FM0 65810J 65832-54C08
Bonnet vent (Louver) LH 10/90 - AJ4 65811J 65833-54C00
Bonnet vent (Louver) LH 10/90 - KH3 65811J 65833-54C02
Bonnet vent (Louver) LH 10/90 - TJ1 65811J 65833-54C03
Bonnet vent (Louver) LH 10/90 - 10/92 KJ7 65811J 65833-54C04
Bonnet vent (Louver) LH 10/90 - 531 65811J 65833-54C05
Bonnet vent (Louver) LH 10/92 - FM0 65811J 65833-54C08
Front Grille Kit 10/90 - AJ4 62301 62310-54C25
Front Grille Kit 10/90 - KH3 62301 62310-54C27
Front Grille Kit 10/90 - TJ1 62301 62310-54C28
Front Grille Kit 10/90 - KJ7 62301 62310-54C29
Front Grille Kit 10/90 - 531 62301 62310-54C91
Rear Number Plate surround 10/90 - 05/92 90810M 90810-62C10
Rear Number Plate surround 05/92 - 90810M 90810-62C00
Rear Bumper (Fascia Kit) 10/90 - 05/92 All 85010S 85022-50C25
Rear Bumper (Fascia Kit) 10/92 - All 85010S 85022-50C26
Rear Window (Glass) All All 90313 90300-50C01
Air Filter element replacement All All 16546 16546-V0100
Air Filter (Air Box) All All 16500 16500-54C10
MAF (Mass Air Flow Meter) All All 22680 22680-54C00
Radiator Assem All All 21400 21410-63C00
Radiator Hose (Lower) All All 21503 21503-54C01
Radiator Hose (Upper) All All 21501 21501-54C00
Front Strut Kit (RH) - No ABS 10/90 - 05/92 All 54302K 54302-69C25
Front Strut Kit (RH) - With ABS 10/90 - 05/92 All 54302K 54302-69C26
Front Strut Kit (RH) - No ABS 05/92 - All 54302K 54302-69C27
Front Strut Kit (RH) - With ABS 05/92 - All 54302K 54302-69C28
Front Strut Kit (LH) - No ABS 10/90 - 05/92 All 54303K 54303-69C25
Front Strut Kit (LH) - With ABS 10/90 - 05/92 All 54303K 54303-69C26
Front Strut Kit (LH) - No ABS 05/92 - All 54303K 54303-69C27
Front Strut Kit (LH) - With ABS 05/92 - All 54303K 54303-69C28
Rear Stabilizer All All 56230 56230-69C00
Rear Strut Kit (RH) All All 55302K 55302-59C25
Rear Strut Kit (LH) All All 55303K 55303-69C25
Brake Rotor Disc (Front) All All 40207 40206-54C01
Front Wheel Bearing (NSK) All All 40210 40210-50Y00
Front Wheel Bearing (NTN) All All 40210 40210-50Y05
Prop Shaft Assy All All 37000 37000-54C05
Clutch Slave Cylinder Kit All All 30620 30620-80E20
Clutch Tube Assy (MastertoSlave) All All 30650 30850-63C00
Clutch Release Bearing All All 30502 30502-0W720
Clutch Master Cylinder Kit All All 30610 30610-63C52
Clutch Fluid Reservoir (inc Braket) All All 30609 30617-63C00
Transfer Assembley All All 32010M 32010-54C18
Front Differential All All 38711 38411-56E00
Bearing - Diff Side All All 38440N 38440-56E00
Front Driveshaft Kit (LH) (No ABS) All All 39101 39101-63Y01
Front Driveshaft Kit (LH) (With ABS) All All 39101 39101-63Y11
Front Driveshaft Kit (RH) (No ABS) All All 39100M 39100-63Y01
Front Driveshaft Kit (RH) (With ABS) All All 39100M 39100-63Y11
Power Steering Pump Kit All All 49110 49110-54C00
Side Skirt End Cap (RH) All All 76856-50C00
Side Skirt End Cap (LH) All All 76857-50C00

Umbrella is 96546-76M00
Heater Control lightbulb - 25196-89905 - £3.20 +vat each
Thermostat 21200-53J00 £13.90+vat
oil pressure sender V507032J00 £69.90
oil seal on the back of the transfer box (prop shaft)
3314256E00 £12.30 + vat
drop resistor part no 22698 54c00 £81 inc vat
Overhaul Gasket set 10101 - 54C26
Valve stem oil seals------N13207D4201 and N1320753F00 £2.90 each
Cylinder head bolts------11056-54C00 £4.70 each
Inlet manifold gasket----16175-54c00 £4.40
Exhaust manifold gasket---14036-53j00 £14.90
main bearings----12207-54c00 £8.70 each(pair)
Crank thrust washer---12280-60j00 £9.70 set
front crank seal---13510-v7200 £5.40
rear crank seal----12279-18v00 £19.50
Pulley Belt - Water Pump/Power Steering, Nissan, 11950 54C00, Bosch 4PK920 or 4PK919

Pulley Belt - Alternator (No A/C), Nissan, AY140-40830, Bosch 5PK835 or 4PK830
Pulley Belt - Alternator/Air Conditioner, Nissan, 11920 53J00, Bosch 6PK 1035
Standard clutch plate - 30100-79E14
Heater Control illumination:

QTY Req' Unit Price 
N2486035F01 N/STK SOCKET & BULB A 1 £4.30 
N2754550J00 N/STK LAMP ASSY-HEATE 2 £4.30
N2754550J05 N/STK LAMP ASSY-HEATE 1 £4.30

Aerial Mast*


Badge - GTIR*

Badge - P*

CV Boot Kit (Pair)*

CV Boot Kit (Drivers Inside)

CV Boot Kit (Drivers Outside)

Clutch Fork Boot*

Clutch Master Cylinder Kit*

Clutch Slave Cylinder*

Coil (Ignition)

Coil Transistor

Fan Resistor*

Fuel Cap*

Fuel Filter*(Without ABS)

Fuel Filter*(With ABS)
Gasket (Metal) Turbo to Dump Pipe*

Gasket - Engine Kit**

Gasket - Manifold (Throttle Bodies)*

Gearbox Boot Strike Rod*

Ignition Leads*

Ignitor Pack / Power transistor / Ignition Amplifier*

555cc: 16600-RR420
600cc: 16600-RRR60*

Key - Blank*

Control Arm*(NSF)

Oil 7.5w-30 (5 litres)*

Oil Filter*

Oil Pressure Regulator Kit*

Power Rack & Pinion Boots Kit*
48204-53Y25 & 48203-53Y25*
Radiator Cap*
21430-J7000 *

Radiator Hose - Lower *
21503 54C01*
Radiator Hose - Upper*

Restrictor Hose*

Rocker Cover Spark Plug Rings*

Spare Wheel Bolt*

Spark Plugs*- NGK (Platinum)*

Spark Plugs*- NGK (Iridium)*

Sump Plug Washer *

Tailgate Hinges*

Thrust Bearing*(Clutch)
30502-1W720 *

Timing Chain

Water Pump*

Water Temp Sensor (Engine Coolant)*

Wheel Bearings*(N14)

Windscreen Mould*

Hub unit 402202-50y10 £125.00
front hub seal 40232-50y10 £5.00
dust seal 40227-50y10 £5.00
front wheel bearing 40210-50y05 £35.00

GASKET-EXHAUST ________2069158E01 £2.90 elbow to downpipe
Glass Window runner rubber Drivers side 80330-50C61
Clutch Master Cylinder= 3061054c50 =£74.60 +vat

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