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Saturday, December 15, 2007

ARB Training

What is the purpose of ARB training?

The dynamic transitions occurring in business and government, including the rapid changes in technologies and sweeping new legislation, continue to challenge the environmental community. These changes are mandating redefined priorities and increased workloads--that must be accomplished on ever shrinking budgets. Today, more than any time in the past, it is essential that the professionals in the environmental field receive quality training to keep current with this accelerated evolution.

The Air Resources Board (ARB) Enforcement Division proudly offers this essential training. The purpose of this program is to provide comprehensive education to further the professional development of environmental specialists. The courses offered in this program provide current, practical, usable and cost-effective information for both new and experienced environmental professionals working in California. We offer similar training throughout the country and internationally. Please contact the National Program for information about courses offered outside California.These nationally recognized and award winning programs offer a standardized core curriculum, including both entry-level training and continuing education. The training utilizes videos, digital presentation technologies, guest speakers, and field or site visits. The courses encourage communication and networking between environmental personnel, with the goal of achieving emission reductions and solving compliance problems through professionalism and teamwork.

These courses cover pollution history, the procedures required to properly evaluate emissions, the analysis of industrial processes, theory and application of emission controls, and waste stream reduction. The focus is on maintaining compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Wherever possible, each course includes a field visit to drive home skills, knowledge, and practical applications learned in each course. The training is designed to provide students with skills that can be immediately applied to their work in the field. In addition, the curriculum can be customized and tailored to the specific needs of a group or industry at any appropriate meeting location, thus greatly reducing client travel costs.


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