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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bringing your vehicle from the USA to Mexico

USA to Mexico

Any valid drivers license from any state is valid anywhere in Mexico.
However both a temporary vehicle importation permit and a promise to return the vehicle form are required for travel deeper than 15 miles into the country.
Permits are not required in the Baja California Peninsula as long as the vehicle is not taken into the mainland.
And if you exceed the return date indicated on the form the vehicle is subject to confiscation.
US automobile insurance is not valid within Mexico. Alhough having Mexican auto insurance is not a pre-requisite to getting the import forms we recommend it.

In lieu of Mexican insurance you will need to demonstrate solvency in the event of an accident.
A Mexican insurance company guarantees payment in the event of an accident. Without this chances of you being detained are increased.
Roads in Mexico are different than in the USA in that there are frequent pot-holes to mess up your front end and speed bumps when going through towns. This besides chickens or other four legged things running onto the road suddenly encourages the recommendation that most of your driving to be in daylight hours.
Your passport or birth certificat or affidavit of citizenship as well as vehicle title and registration are required.
In the event your vehicle is leased a letter on the leasing firm’s letterhead giving you permission to take the vehicle out of the USA is a must.A small fee must be paid by credit card; in lieu of this a lengthy bonding process is required.
IF you prefer to rent a car while while within Mexico use link below.
Tempory import permits are valid up to 180 days. You are best advised to get that vehicle out of the country before the time expires to avoid losing the vehicle via impounding of same.
In the event a vehicle becomes irreparably incapacitated, arrangements to leave it may be made via the US embasy.
The Mexican Treasury does have the authority to confiscate any vehicle illegaly imported into Mexico.
Enjoy the driving and be careful.


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