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Sunday, December 16, 2007

How to Import a Vehicle to New Zealand

Importing to New Zealand

If you want to import a motor vehicle privately or commercially into New Zealand, it's your responsibility to prove that:

* you are legally entitled to the vehicle
* the vehicle meets New Zealand safety and emissions requirements.

Proof of ownership: You must provide evidence that you're legally entitled to the vehicle. You'll need original documents, establishing an ownership trail to the last registered owner (eg, deregistration or change of ownership papers, invoices, bills of sale, receipts). You'll need certified translations of any documents that are not in English.

Standards requirements: You must provide proof that the vehicle you wish to import was manufactured to meet approved safety and emissions standards. The standards requirements depend on the class of vehicle, the date of manufacture, and the country from which the vehicle is being imported.

* The infosheets provide examples of documentation that can be used to prove standards compliance. In the absence of other proof, you might need a Statement of Compliance from an authorised representative of the vehicle's manufacturer, listing the standards to which the vehicle was certified when it was made. This is particularly important for compliance with a frontal-impact standard.
* Please note that New Zealand's emissions requirements are scheduled to change on 1 January 2008. See Infosheet 2.08.
* Motorcycles manufactured on or after 1 October 2002 must have been manufactured to meet an approved brake standard.
* The following vehicles cannot be registered for use on the road in New Zealand unless they have been designed, manufactured and certified to meet an approved frontal-impact standard:
o Class MA vehicles (passenger cars) less than 20 years old
o Class MB (forward control) and Class MC (off-road vehicles) manufactured after 1 October 2003.
* Infosheet 1.67 sets out ways of proving your Class MA, MB or MC vehicle meets a frontal impact standard. Information is also provided under Frontal impact compliance status of vehicles by vehicle make. In the absence of other proof, you'll need to get a Statement of Compliance that shows the vehicle was made to an approved frontal impact standard.


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