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Friday, December 21, 2007

J's Garage and Supaca Imports - JDM vehicle importing

I found this blog and a link to a site that they claim can import vehicles to the US. Beware of what you are getting into if you go here. J's Garage

Make sure you read this next part very carefully.

J's Garage Export is experienced in exporting vehicles to countries all over the world such as ; The United Kingdom, The United States*, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the West Indies, Cyprus, Russia and many other countries.
Before purchasing any vehicle, you should investigate the requirements of importing a vehicle to your country. Usually, the customs clearance, laws, regulations, and modifications are areas related to import vehicles from Japan. You should investigate the requirements for importing a vehicle to your country.
You may also appoint an import registration agent or professionals who will make all the necessary vehicle conversions. It is recommended that you contact the appropriate agencies in your country.

Yeah they said it twice in there. They are happy to export a car to you , but understand, just because you can export it , does not mean you can get it legal in the US.

NOTE : We J's Garage Export are unable to assist import procedure. The buyer is responsible for any necessary procedures, or any transfers, or any modifications for them to import the car.

Wonder why they mention this so many times? I wonder how many people have purchased vehicles, then got them seized by customs, and tried to go back at J's Garage.

Now they recommend this place -
This is the message from Supaca Imports :

Supaca Imports specializes in Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo ,and other high JDM/RHD cars/parts directly from Japan. However for US residents, only federalizable car currently is Nissan Skyline R33 and Silvia S-13 (for which crash test data has been produced). All the other models are available but can only be registered at the state level, (we do not register your car: a few other company does it) or federalized through special RI for higher price.

Please contact yosi@j-garage.com and let us know what type of vehicle you are considering importing. The whole process can take 6-10 weeks.

*Federalization cost is
$ 13,500(R33/S-13)
$ 23,000(other models, R34 etc.) plus shipping fee($3,000-3,800) ,and Customs fee(2.5%)

We are located in Southern California, and registered through the state as a limited liability company as a wholesale parts co. & import/export agent.
Email : supacaimports@gmail.com / 1-213-305-4200 (TIM)

Maybe these guys know something I don't know. I want to know how they are going to import an R33 and meet federal emissions requirements. Or how they are going to import and S13 and meet federal emissions requirements. Vapor business.

Now they go on to put this on their site

We have a contact with the registered Importer to perform necessary conversions on these cars. But for some instance, this is not a mandatory procedure.

Don't listen to these guys , they are missing on several key points.

The rumor that Motor-Ex is the only company that can import these cars are false.

No that would be true. Motorex is no longer around , and no one else can do it.

Any RIs or a company who contracts with RIs can import a skyline as long as the proper procedures were taken and it complies with the DOT/EPA requirements and emission regulations of individual states.

There have never been any other RI that was able to import and legalize a Skyline. Fact. Call the DOT- OVSC (202)366-5291 and ask them

1. Your State does not have OBD2 Compliancy Laws.
2. You want to import based on short term stay in U.S.
3. You want to import for racing/showroom purpose.

These guys are idiots. Your state doesn't have OBD II ? OBD II is a FEDERAL requirement as of 1996. That is FEDERAL is over states. That means that every STATE has to meet FEDERAL OBD II requirements.

Don't trust these guys or this site.


Mike M Images said...

how do i order from them where is the link??


Did you not read passed the first sentance?

Feel free to order from them...assuming you eventually get the car, you'll be driving around violating 3 or even 4 Federal laws. Enjoy.

Sean Morris said...

Gru - Mikes statement was tounge in cheek. Hes a good friend, and was making a joke.

Thanks for watching out for people though. Its the individual that gets screwed by guys like this. The good people that spend their hard earned money.

Jahpan said...

Oh, we know Supaca guys. They are cool people and very honest and when I brought my money there, they refused becasue they could not find what I needed exactly. They are deep in Japan I know that from 10 years ago.

Jahpan said...

you people need to shut up about them. they are losing their temper and you are defaming someone with no official evidence.

That is the first crime committed here. you are being the harmful offender so be careful..

You said the company screwing people but who??? show example for god's sake. You can't answer , there are many people stand by them , Go supaca, you know what you doing!

Sean Morris said...

Defaming them? Seriously. I hope you come back here and read this. They are giving out false and misleading information. I have been working with and importing cars to the US since 1999.

I am as afraid of them , as I am afraid of an ant. I will step on them and crush them. Please come back here and comment. Leave an email, and a real website.

Come and visit me , you had better have your stuff together though, cause I will pimp slap you down like the unknowning ho you are.

Merritt Johnson Morris said...

Personally, I like this quote, "you people need to shut up about them. they are losing their temper and you are defaming someone with no official evidence." The evidence was already clearly pointed out. Supaca's website makes false claims about the necessity of an OBDII system to meet federal regulations.


yeah supaca guys got 3 million dollar buidling in Tokyo. GO visit and join them. :) Dollar talks man, you are not even that big, they into some yak*za shit be careful. by the way, Sean, did you return all the money you took while at motor ex??? I got a "REAL victim" looking for you. You better had some cash ready when we get there. stop making ememies for no reason who taught you that was healthy?

Hubert said...

False information = NOT HEALTHY

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