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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Seized R34 GT-R's and S15

From NICO forums

"Just a brief description on what i do. I work for an auto auction inspecting vehicles.The deparment i work for handles goverment siezed vehicles, Repos, and illigally imported cars. Today we recieved three R34 GTR's and a S15 Silvia that were siezed from a few contianers down at the port. The owner must be furious, I think any one would be , especially if your a car enthusist like myself. Anyways i wanted to share on what usaully goes on a normal day of work. Enjoy the pics"

Don't play with the Gubment. More information at the Freshalloy forums



If I were the owner I'd be doubly furious for a retarded tow truck driver towing an AWD car with the rear wheels on the ground and destroying the center differential.

A saw an STI being towed this way shortly after they came out and just had to shake my head.


Whats wrong with you, towing a r34 it just makes me sad, people why do this to such an amassing car thats just wrong.

what do you do to the cars after you confiscate them if you sell them thats a good thing

Sean Morris said...

Thats not me. Thats a quote from someone on the NICO forums. Thats the wrong way to tow an all wheel drive car. The wrong way.

I don't know what happened to these cars.


They get crushed


Pretty sure the tow truck driver doesn't care nor does anyone else. These cars are going to be crushed so who cares about damage to the centre diff.

Unknown said...

Don't worry about the differential this car is getting crushed!

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