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Monday, January 14, 2008

Supaca imports - stealing information , and selling cars that aren't theirs

I had a look again at one of the guys that posted a response on my Supaca Imports information pages - Jahpan There was nothing there before , now there are about 16 different little blogs setup. You have to check out one of the "cars" he is trying to sell , and the information , that he copied and pasted from my vehicleimport blog. I think this kid wants to go heads up. Been a while , but its always fun.

#1 How to legalize a Skyline. Word for word , copy and paste from my site. If they weren't spreading false information, I wouldn't care , but since they are , I do.

#2 Skyline History - copy and paste from Wikipedia.

#3 Importing A-Z - copied and pasted from my sites.

#4 GT-R maintainance sic. (maintenance) - copied and pasted from my sites.

#5 This is the big one. Tuschiya R34 Vspec II. This is the Mines car video. And it has this under it.

$95,000 Tsuchiya R34 v spec II 4 more info : supacaimports@gmail.com
So again , nothing but lies, and stolen information from these guys Supaca Imports. Nothing but lies.


Jahpan said...

I am sorry sean he wants to be your friend. Supaca has 2 r34 GT -R and you ain't got nutting but angry customer from motorex era when you took the money. Sean was involved in motor ex fruad shceme people.

Sean Morris said...

So now you delete all your blogs ? The 16 or so that had information copied from me ?

I was at Motorex from 1999-2002. I left Motorex when they started to have problems. Again , get your stuff straight.

Two R34's ? Seriously I am not impressed.

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