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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another day - Another Email from the Scammers - Supaca Imports

Another day , another email. From Tim "Juiced" Lee from Supaca

"Hey MY DUDE!!
Sean! We can be nice friends you know. I will pay you a great visit
which will be much fruitful. Let's party up!

I will put up your link to our site so you can do the same.
Sweet corporation makes it nice right? "

My response had a lot of cursing in it. I told him how his company was like a piece of (something you leave in a toilet). I called him a scammer.

I questioned why he had the balls to threaten me, and then wants to be my friend. I told him to keep his head down, because he doesn't want to "run into" me.



Hi...Sean i hope you read this ive been looking at all of your posts about importation and such for the Skylines. I understand why they cant be imported but i was wondering if i could get your email to find out more information directly from a reliable source, about getting a R34 GTR 2000+ into the US. Gohan103@optonline.net id really appreciate the help

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