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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vehicles Over 20 Years Old Banned Starting in 2009

Gulf News.

"Abu Dhabi: Vehicles older than 20 years will be taken off UAE roads in phases from January 1, the Interior Ministry announced.

The decision by the Ministerial Services Committee aims to ease traffic congestion and to curb motor vehicle pollution.

"It has been decided to ban old vehicles to improve the traffic situation and reduce pollution. This process will be completed in stages.

"From January 1, traffic departments across the emirates will stop registering or renewing licences on vehicles older than 20 years as of 1 December 2008," said Col Gaith Al Za'abi, head of the traffic department at the Ministry of Interior."

""As a next step, vehicles older than 15 years will not be registered and licences not renewed from January 1, 2010."

In a bid to reduce pollution, taxis older than five years will not be allowed. "Five years are a long time. Engines suffer damage due to the large distances taxis cover and end up harming the environment.""
"Classic and antique cars are exempt from this rule, provided they pass all the necessary vehicle tests.

"With motor vehicle pollution being one of the major threats to air quality in any city, it is necessary to control vehicle emission levels," he said.

The maximum permitted ratio of emission of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons will be cut to reduce the amount of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. "

Thats a way to get all the old junk off the roads. I am sure it will be an economic hardship for many people



does this rule apply to import of classic cars?

Sean Morris said...

The story said that "Classic and antique cars are exempt from this rule, provided they pass all the necessary vehicle tests".

I do not know if that means you can not import any more classic cars, or if the ones already in the UAE are the only ones allowed.

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