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Friday, August 1, 2008

Massachusetts Pulls the Plug on Zap EV's

Wired Blog

"According to the Quincy, Massachusetts' Patriot Ledger, ZAP Xebra owners in Massachusetts received letters from the Registry of Motor Vehicles informing them that their diminutive electric vehicles were neither motorcycle nor car, leaving them in RMV limbo. Of course, this means the owners who already paid sales tax and registry fees ended up having their plates revoked, unable to operate their Xebras on public roads in the Bay State. "

ZAP has always been a fuzzy company. I was around G&K Automotive when they were dealing with ZAP on the Smart Car.

"At least the commonwealth is being consistent. If you shipped an Alfa Spider stateside and can’t register it because it hasn’t passed U.S. safety checks, why should you be able to drive around in a Xebra that’s slightly more resilient than the cardboard box (stamped “Made in China”) it was mailed in? Still, there’s something hypocritical about Massachusetts embarking on a quest to turn the bluest of states into the greenest of states, yet barring one of the few all-electric cars currently in production due to a bureaucratic hurdle."

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Maybe they will get exemptions or change the laws in Massachusetts.



tell me about it. I imported a covered scooter which is being registered in almost all other states and paid over 3k for it and they won't let me register it. it gets 85 mpg and is much safer than approved motorcycles (three wheels with built in rocker). I went to register the thing and was denied. Now what do I do?

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