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Thursday, December 11, 2008

We Called JK Technologies to Ask Them About Drift Tuners

We just called JK Tech to talk to them. Ask about DOT , EPA, OBD II . We asked them if they knew Drift Tuners " no,a lot of people throw our name around" was the response.

We asked them if it was 26k to legalize a Skyline and they said" no the process is not 26k". JK quoted us $36k to legalize a car.

When we asked them if they had a Certificate of Conformance for the OBD II system they said "it has nothing to do with DOT".

It may not have anything to do with the DOT, but it has everything to do with EPA compliance and bringing a car into full federal compliance.

You can contact them yourselves to check up on the story. Were we talking to the wrong person ? Lois ? She is listed as the owner of the company.If there is a deal between Drift Tuners and them, I would imagine that she would know.

JK Technologies

People should call and email them. Ask them about Drift Tuners. I wonder what is going on ?



I got JK Technology's name and number from the US DOT list of registered importers. I called JK Technologies about importing a European model Audi, and the rude woman answering the phone sniped that it would cost $20K to import it and she said she didn't want the work. I asked why, and she said it was because of all the car parts that would need to be changed out. Isn't modifying cars for import their business? I read a blog by a guy who used them a few years ago to import a BMW and JK Tech was OK with doing that job for $7800. Today JK Technologies doesn't want even $20K worth of work - obviously they don't pay attention to cash flow and they don't want your business.

There's something wrong with an importer that doesn't want to modify cars and doesn't answer straight questions about the OBD paperwork etc.


From what I've seen, they don't want to do individual work. Right now they are more interested in larger fleet work, like their work in certifying and importing Smart cars before Smarts were legally available here. Single imported cars fill up the shop and tech's time for the larger projects now.

Sucks, 'cause there's work I wanted to have done, too, but that's business.

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