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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

JAAI Inspection for importing used cars to Tanzania

How old car can I import to Tanzania?
For importing used cars into Tanzania, age of the car does not matter.

What is JAAI Inspection?
The Tanzanian government requires all used vehicles to undergo inspection for roadworthiness before the vehicles are shipped to Tanzania. JAAI Inspection certificate must accompany the vehicle. Please note, without JAAI certificate, you will have to pay 30% of the CIF value of the vehicle as penalty.

For all used vehicles exported from Japan, this inspection is conducted by JAAI (Japan Auto Appraisal Institute). JAAI is a no-profit organization formed under the countenance of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of International Industry & Trade in Japan.

What is Cotecna Inspection?
If the Freight-on-Board price (FOB price) of the imported vehicle is US$5000 or more, the vehicle also has to undergo an inspection prior to shipment, carried out by Cotecna Inspections, Japan - a company appointed by the Tanzanian Government.

Does Shiotsu Autotrade arrange JAAI and Cotecna Inspections?
Yes, we will arrange the JAAI Inspection for all Tanzania bound vehicles before they are shipped. It takes up to two weeks depending the availability of quality control inspectors at JAAi. Once we receive the JAAI inspection certificate, we will arrange for the shipment of your vehicle. We can also arrange for Cotecna inspection if necessary.

How much are the JAAI inspection fees?
We will quote the price of your vehicle which will include the JAAI inspection and our handling fees. The cost is around 30,000 JPY (US$300).

How much import duty I have to pay in Tanzania?
IDF (Import Declaration Form) is required for all vehicles imports to Tanzania irrespective of their value. Please refer to the Tanzania Revenue Authority website for more details.

Import Declaration Fees for Tanzania are US$ 10 per unit + 1.2 % of Freight-on-Board value. Import duties on vehicles imported into Tanzania are dependent on the size of the vehicle.

All vehicles up to 2000 cc: 20 % VAT, 25 % Import duty.
All vehicles above 2000 cc: 20 % VAT, 25 % Import duty, 10 % Excise duty
Commercial units – Trucks, Buses, passenger vans : 15% Import duty, 20 % VAT
Source : Shiotsu



Is the duty/VAT charged on the FOB price or the CIF price?

some more explanation would be appreciated.


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