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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update to ICE , DOT, EPA Investigation on Kaizo

I spoke to a person today that informed me that they had a call from ICE on their vehicle.  The ICE agent asked to come out and take photos of the vehicle.  The person that received the call asked if the car was going to be seized, and the ICE agent said that it was not going to be seized.  I advised him that he should speak to a lawyer before he allows anyone to come and investigate any of his property.

What I think that ICE wants to see is the body and the engine together.  They are still investigating Kaizo, and looking to see if they supplied engines and bodies together.  If anyone else gets any calls – please email me to tell me what was said.   tyndago@gmail.com .  I want to stay on top of this, and see where its going. 

All "public interest" legislation (and any distribution of money taken by force from some men for the unearned benefit of others) comes down ultimately to the grant of an undefined undefinable, non-objective, arbitrary power to some government officials. The worst aspect of it is not that such a power can be used dishonestly, but that it cannot be used honestly. The wisest man in the world, with the purest integrity, cannot find a criterion for the just, equitable, rational application of an unjust, inequitable, irrational principle.
-Ayn Rand

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This is getting ridiculous. They have better things to do than harass people. It sucks that we dont really have a say in what the morons in Washington have to say. Im going to go out on a limb on saying this but dont "most" of them take bribes? So why are we still dealing with this crap!

BP Auto Group, LLC said...

They are just doing their job. And we definitely have a say in what happens in Washington. We "the JDM world" have a very good fighting chance. All we would have to do is get together with some serious factual information and present it correctly. This is new to both them and them. So I strongly believe the people who are involved in this, have a fair chance to fight against this, afterall...we do not live in a fascist country, this is the USA.

Sean Morris said...

I truly believe this is something we can fight as a group. I do not think that this is something we just let get pushed around and over. Please contact me at tyndago@gmail.com . I am talking to a lot of owners, and I want to organize everyone together so we can speak with one powerful voice rather than 100 weak individual voices.


Dustan you are still robbing people of there money i bet


In reply to Anonymous, if you could read better you would see im not whoever you think i am as my name is Dustin, not Dustan. Thanks.

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