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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kit Car Discussion from 2006 on Freshalloy Forum

About 3 years ago, we had a discussion with several people, including Detective Hsu that handled much of the Motorex investigation on the Freshalloy Forum.  I have been posting on Freshalloy, originally as Motorex, then as tyndago since 1999/2000.


Yes thats a twin turbocharged LS1 powered R34 from Australia.

If you search the forum for information on importing, you will probably find, about every month, someone will come on their with an “idea” of how to import cars to the US.   About every single month, a new “idea”.  Actually the same idea over and over. Sometimes a little twist here and there, but mostly the same.   I care about the consumer. I care about the guys that are buying cars. I want them to be fully informed in exactly what they are buying. After I left Motorex, and there was no more VCP-17, I did not care as much about tracking down these guys.

Read my first post carefully.  Understand what I am saying. 

Specialty constructed vehicles. I had a chance to look at some specialty constructed vehicles. "Based on" R33 and R34.
Interesting operation. Seems to follow the laws to a T. Nobles and Cobras are brought in as specialty constructed cars, why not GT-R's.
Now the only "legit" ways have been shut down, people will find other ways. This way is as close as I see to being correct.

Then I had this to respond to one guy saying I was doing a disservice to people in saying they were “as close as I see to being correct.”  Understand what I am saying there.  I pick my words fairly carefully.

Trust me, I am normally the one in your shoes. I have seen and read the rules and regulations. I have done it through the RI channel since 1999.
Ever see a Noble ? How about a Cobra Kit car ?
The Nobles have an engine that was never a certified US engine. Not in a twin turbo configuration.
The kit car thing is such a gray area. Its reading into it as much as you want to read into it.
Ie parts. Any parts are an approximate disassembled vehicle. In the example... the kit car manufacturer DOES NOT provide the engine/transmission - you buy it from somewhere else. #2
Car parts are not considered - Motor Vehicles. #5 no longer applies, as a chassis is no longer a motor vehicle. See how it can go around and around.
" "2" above; an individual or firm that assembles kits for hire or resale, that produces assembled kit cars for resale or that produces complete kit car packages for resale"
If you build it yourself, no matter what configuration it has, you don't need to meet EPA requirements. You can't build a car for someone else. You can't hire someone to build the complete car for you.
The laws and regulations are in place, doing it though all the RI/Import regulations is no longer possible. Lets exploit the open channels. People want cars, this way is open.
As long as its done, the way that one guy is doing it. If you buy a car, have it disassembled, import it, import the engine from it, and reassemble it, then thats going around the Clean Air Act. If you buy a certified chassis, and then go from there, its not illegal by what I read.


Head on over to the FA forum to check out the full post.  There is a bit of back and forth both ways.  Again this is from 3 years ago.  This is not a new discussion. This is not a new thing.

Source : Freshalloy Forums


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