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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nissan Skyline GT-R’s for Sale

We always are watching eBay auctions, looking at the cars that come up for sale.  Here are a couple of interesting ones. The first car is a US DOT, EPA, and California legal R32.  The next is an R34 from Canada, that someone managed to get some paperwork on.

For a US and California R32 GT-R, the Buy it Now price on this car is about right. In the $40,000 range. This car can be driven and registered in any state. No state legal, or parts car here with this R32 GT-R.


Its always humorous to me, how people assume when they are able to get a title or register a car that everything is ok. Canada allows cars over 15 years old, and this R34, well they started in 1999. Not yet 15 years old. So how do you get it registered ? VIN Swap ? Friends in the right places ? Guess we won't find out. At 105k though, this guy is way out there on a price for a not legal R34. If the car were closer to say $35k, it might be around correct.


So as always, buyer beware.  Know what you are buying.  Real cars have real paperwork.


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