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Sunday, August 16, 2009

US Department of Justice Letter : 60 Days to Export or Surrender.

One Kaizo customer recently received a letter from the US Department of Justice about his vehicle.  The letter is a little vague as it says “if my information is correct…” , this sounds like they are second guessing themselves.   They then say that non-compliant vehicles are subject to seizure and forfeiture. 

Then the letter states that the vehicle must be exported within 60 days of receipt of the letter.   We had a conference call with a few key people yesterday to start talking about organizing.  If you want to try and be a part of this, please contact me at tyndago at gmail.com .  Based on the information we have, this vehicle was imported as parts, and reassembled by the owner here in the US.  The US allows for vehicles to be imported into the US as parts, and there fore was not “illegally” imported as the US Department of Justice is implying.





I am sorry, but this letter is not addressing a Kaizo Kit Car.

Jaisen James said...

very truly yours,
What a d-bag...

hey the law is on your side. Fight this thing and keep your car.

Sean Morris said...


Several of the more intelligent owners are fighting this.


I would hide the car they would never find it and i would say i sold it and i dont know where it went i dont like the goverment at all and i dont give a crap about this country.


Its sad to see this is taking so long. I wish they would have at least gave a credible reason for the seizure, or even better. How about a viable solution for returning our constitutionally protected property. Either way be sure that another wave of this fight is about to start, specifically in favor of the owners. -highly motivated ice rape victim

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