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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two R34's and R32 Seized in California : Kaizo Drama Increases : UPDATE

UPDATE . Two R34's and an R32 were seized today. My information says that they are not done seizing cars. If you have a car, I would be on the look out.

I was just informed that a Kaizo R34, an individual owners vehicle was seized this morning by ICE agents. The agents in full Kevlar served a seizure warrant to an owner in the LA area. I know the owner and the car. Again, they came to the owners residence, and seized the car from there. Details are sketchy right now, but as far as we know this is the first "owner" vehicle sezied. Still no charges against Kaizo, but it seems like the government is seizing cars. The car in California was an SB100 car, so this could be one of the focuses.

SB100 is a specialty constructed vehicle exemption in California. It allows for 500 cars per year to be registered with no smog checks. Its a good program for specialty vehicles. Cars that are driven very little, and mostly just used to go to shows.

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Kaizo cars sitting in storage yard



This is the reason that I imported a 1984 Iron Mask Skyline. It may not be as cool as the R-33/R-34's to some folks, but it's still a stout car...and it's a Skyline that is legal to own (under the 25 year rule).


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