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Monday, January 24, 2011

HS7 Form : Importation of Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment

Revised 7 -2014 - New form here

The HS7 is the Department of Transportation form that is required to be filled out and turned into customs when importing a vehicle to the United States. In addition to the HS-7 you need to fill out a 3520-1 for the EPA when importing motor vehicles and equipment.


kogunn said...

I am importing my 1999 Toyota Camry from Canada to the USA. I will be leaving it in Arizona so that it is available to me when I come for the winter from Canada. In filling out DOT Form HS-7 in the section requesting Name of Importer or Name of Declarant, am I the Importer or the Declarant? What is meant by Declarant's Capacity? Do I give my home address in Canada? Or do I give my winter address in Arizona? I really appreciate receiving advise in filling out this section of the form. Thank you.

Sean Morris said...

You would be the importer and declarent if you are doing it all yourself. You would use the address in Arizona.

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