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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seized R34 GT-R in Florida. Nur or 1999?

If you play with fire, you get burned, and here is a perfect example. It looks like Florida might finally be seizing the flood of illegally imported cars that come though their state. That is good, its only taken them about 12 years. I guess they might have been more concerned with illegal things like cocaine more than a couple of illegal S15's, GTI-R's, and Nissan Skylines being imported.  Florida DMV is a joke, and they will let anyone register about anything. Just pay them the money they ask for.

Lots of people assume they are not doing anything wrong, however ignorance of the laws is not an excuse.  An exporter will ship any car to you, the same thing, its not illegal for them to ship it to you, however ICE in the US may have other ideas.  Just because someone else has the same car, or did the same thing, or has a friends, buddys uncles stepson that did it, does not make it legal. 

This poor guy has this car shipped to the US, it gets sezied and now he is trying to off it for $68,000.  The car in Japan, if is what he said it is, would be worth the low $40k range.  However, looking at the photos, its not what he thinks it is.

NISSAN GTR spec vll , nissan only frabricated 700 units, all the parts are original NISMO. car had carbon fiber hood and trunk and rear view mirrors brembo brakes upgrade turbos and many many many more upgrades... I bought this car and imported months ago with the goal to drive it here in FL. but the DOT shut me down after months of trying what i payed for the car and importaion is way more than asking price MY LOST YOUR GAIN.. CAR IS FOR EXPORT ONLY...
This car does not look like a Vspec II.  My first clue- the grey seats.  The grey seats are an indication of an early car - a 1999.  The pictures are not high enough resolution to really tell much, but I am pretty sure its a 1999.  The guy thinks its a Vspec II Nur, but its more than likely not.  Its possible someone changed the seats, but it would be a downgrade,not an upgrade.  If I had the chassis number, I could tell what year it was probably produced.  The car is odd too, it has old Nismo wheels. Old Nismo logo on the intercooler.  Wrong hood from what I can see.

So whats the lession we all should learn from this?  Play with fire, you get burned.  Eventually this stuff catches up to you. However, there are lots of hardheaded, or ignoarant people out there, that the rules just "Do Not Apply" to them. For those people, happy to see your property get seized. Next time, do your due diligence and research, contact me, and I can do it correctly.


Unknown said...

I want to buy a nissan skyline for Japan Partners, it is a 1999 ER34 sedan right hand drive, it has 4 door it has 57577 miles not kilometers, i don't know if all the laws abide for all skyline or just the GTRs, i am looking up for laws here in florida that may prohibit the use of the car on the streets, if you have any info please, and thank you

Sean Morris said...

Federal law is over state law. As you can see here, this car got seized. A 1999 isn't on the list of approved vehicles to import so its not a legal car. Wait until its over 25 years old, and it will be NHTSA exempt. 25 Year Old Cars

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