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Friday, June 7, 2013

Akrapovic America fined $88,000 for offering illegally modified motorcycle exhaust systems in California

Akrapovic America fined $88,000 for offering illegally modified
motorcycle exhaust systems in California

SACRAMENTO - The California Air Resources Board (ARB) today
announced that Akrapovic America LLC, was fined $88,000 for air
quality violations related to the sale of illegal aftermarket
motorcycle exhaust systems in California.

ARB investigators discovered that Akrapovic America sold,
advertised and offered for sale motorcycle exhaust systems that
replaced original emissions critical components, such as
catalytic converters. California anti-tampering laws prohibit the
sale, distribution and installation of parts that modify the
emissions control systems of vehicles unless the modifications
are proven to neither reduce the effectiveness of those systems
nor cause excess emissions.

At the time of the investigation, ARB found that Akrapovic
America had not taken advantage of an industry-requested
regulation adopted in early 2009 that allows aftermarket
motorcycle exhaust manufacturers to legally sell their products
once they undergo an engineering evaluation to ensure that they
are as durable as the emissions critical parts they replace, and
meet the applicable emission standards. Parts successfully
completing this process receive an Executive Order exemption that
allows their sale and installation on pollution controlled

In announcing the settlement, ARB Enforcement Chief James Ryden
notes that “California law provides a ready pathway for
manufacturers to offer legal performance modifications for
motorcycles as long as they still meet emissions requirements,
but they must take advantage of this process prior to offering
these products for sale in our state.” He went on to add that “we
take seriously the sales of any products that may reduce the
effectiveness of the emissions reduction system.”

Funds collected will be paid to the California Air Pollution
Control Fund, established to decrease air pollution through
education and the advancement and use of cleaner technologies.

Modified motorcycles that no longer meet California's emission
requirements pose a significant health threat to California
residents. They create higher amounts of smog-forming pollutants,
which can then exacerbate respiratory ailments and negatively
affect other health conditions.


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