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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Unpleasant Truths : Comforting Lies

When it comes to importing vehicles, there are just a few ways to do it legally, and many ways to do it illegally.  This cartoon captures this for me.  Most people don't want to hear the truth about their car , that was not imported correctly. They want the comforting lies. They want to know its "state" legal.  Or as some people say "fully legal". Maybe they know, maybe they don't. Maybe they care, probably they don't.

Over the years, I have tried to show people what a car needs to be legal. Some care, many don't. Some get pissed off when I point out that the car they are trying to pass off as "legal" was imported incorrectly.  

Many people say "my buddy" has had one here for 2,4,6,10 years, and gets pulled over all the time. Its all fun and games until that one day ICE comes knocking on your door.  No matter the comforting lies you, or the guy from Florida, that sold you the car said, ICE will seize first, ask questions later.

The latest cars with issues were Land Rovers. Some guys were taking newer Land Rovers, putting old VIN numbers on them, and passing them off as over 25 years old, and legal for import. Eventually they caught one of the main importers, and seized 40 Land Rovers he imported.

So, do you want the UNPLEASANT TRUTH, that the car can not legally be imported, or the COMFORTING LIE, that with a VIN swap, and some trickery, or bring it in as parts, or driving it across the border, that you are good?

Is my imported car legal? 

Then this cartoon was altered by a friend, and also appropriate.  Although now, it is much more of a possibly reality.

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