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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Grey Market Vehicles : Parallel Imports : Black Market Vehicles

Grey market Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 legally imported by importavehicle.com

What is a grey market vehicle?

A grey market vehicle also called a parallel import, is a vehicle that was imported to a country, through other than official channels.

It is not a bad term, although it seems that some people assume that it means something bad.  In the case of the Nissan Skyline, Nissan, USA never sold them in the US, so they are grey market.

Wikipedia has this to say about grey market

grey market (sometimes called a parallel market,[1] but this can also mean other things;[2] not to be confused with a black market or a grey economy) is the trade of a commodity through distribution channels that are legal but unintended by the original manufacturer. The most common type of grey market is the sale, by individuals or small companies not authorised by the manufacturer, of imported goods which would otherwise be either more expensive or unavailable in the country to which they are being imported. An example of this would be the import and subsequent re-sale of Apple products by unlicensed intermediaries in countries such as South Korea[3] where Apple does not currently operate retail outlets and licensed reseller markups are high.

Don't confuse grey market with black market.

black market or underground economy is a market in which goods or services are traded illegally. The key distinction of a black market trade is that the transaction itself is illegal. The goods or services themselves may or may not be illegal to own, or to trade through other, legal channels. Because the transactions are illegal, the market itself is forced to operate outside the formal economy that is supported by the established state power. Common motives for operating in black markets are to trade contraband, avoid taxes and regulations, or skirt price controls or rationing. Typically the totality of such activity is referred to with the definite article as a complement to the official economies, by market for such goods and services, e.g. "the black market in bush meat".
Black market R34, because it was not imported legally


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