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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Can You Import An R35 GT-R Now, and Keep it Until Its 25 Years Old?

Can You Import An R35 GT-R Now, and Keep it Until Its 25 Years Old? (question asked during a Facebook live video session)

We will assume that you mean an R35 that was produced for another market, other than the USA. It might be left hand drive, it might be right hand drive.  The R35 was first sold in 2007 in Japan.

Want the simple or complex answer?

Simple - No
Complex - Look below

The importation of the vehicle is the first stoppage. In order to be legally and permanently imported to the USA, the vehicle be it an R35, S14, STI, Evo, or Supra, needs to be either over 25 years old, on the Show or Display list, or on the list of Non conforming vehicles capable of being modified to meet US FMVSS requirements. In addition to the NHTSA work, if under 21 years old, the vehicle needs to meet EPA requirements and testing.  In addition some states have their own requirements for registration and title.

The complex answer is, that it is possible, however the vehicle would have to be petitioned, and brought into NHTSA and EPA compliance. This work, if the vehicle is right hand drive, could involve crash testing.

Understand the 25 year old rule - MotoIQ

Show or Display - Only for special vehicles, less than 500 produced

List of Non-Conforming Vehicles That Are Eligible for Importation by a Registered Importer


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