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Monday, August 22, 2016

How Did You Get an R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R?

Midnight Purple II R34 GT-R. Show or Display For Sale

Another recent question about importation and Nissan Skylines. I don't see how you got an R34 there how did you even get it past US inspection"

First off, there is no inspection per se.  Vehicles that are imported to the US, are required to come though US Customs and Border Protection.  This is what CBP protection does in a snapshot. 

CBP secures America’s borders at and between ports of entry by stopping inadmissible people and illicit goods. CBP’s offices of Field Operations, Border Patrol, and Air and Marine Operations represent the largest federal law enforcement agency

Every shipment is electronically filed with CBP, and this documentation is part of what allows the shipping companies to release the cargo. If the documentation is forged, or false, and a physical examination of the goods/container at the port does not occur, then the black market, or contraband cargo could be released. 

We have people ask us all the time about vehicles, that were not legally imported. It happens, there are a lot of shipments that come to the US, out of the thousands and thousands of containers that come in some will slip though.  

Just because someone snuck something though the border, it doesn't make that item legal.  Is my imported car legal? 

Vehicles that are imported to the US, must meet certain requirements based on the model year, or year of manufacture.  The NHTSA or DOT governs Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, or safety items. The EPA governs emissions related items. 

The NHTSA document is called an HS7. The EPA document is called a 3520-1. 

Example of an HS7

Example of a 3520-1

CBP says on a typical day they process :

» 72,179 truck, rail, and sea containers
» 282,252 incoming privately owned vehicles

So they will miss a few of the illegally imported cars.

However in the case of the R34 GT-R, this question was about, it was a race car, built by Nissan as a racecar, with permission from the NHTSA, and EPA to be legally and permanently imported to the US. 

One other way to legally import an R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R to the US, is though the Show or Display exemption.  Contact International Vehicle Importers for more information.


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