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Sunday, April 9, 2017

California - Register a Vehicle From Another Country - Direct Import

California vehicle registration information for direct import. HTVR 9A.

Updated 5/2018 https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/pubs/brochures/howto/htvr09a

There is always some confusion on importation and legalization of vehicles. Especially in California, as we have our own EPA called the ARB.  We have to satisfy five different agencies to title and register a vehicle. These five agencies, are :

For Import - Federal Agency
   a) US Customs - Department of Homeland Security
   b) NHTSA - Federal vehicle safety standards
   c) EPA- Federal emissions requirements 40 CFR Part 85

For Registration - State Agency
  Individual State Requirements
    a) Registration requirements - normally some kind of Department of Motor Vehicles
    b) Emissions Requirements - Vary state to state. Some are state run, some are not.

HTVR 9A (NEW 9/2015)

How Do I Register a Qualified Imported Vehicle? 

Imported vehicle registration applications require the same documents shown in the How To: Register A Vehicle From Out-of State (Nonresident Vehicle) (HTVR 09) brochure available at www.dmv.ca.gov.

In addition, the application must include the following forms for:

Customs—Evidence the vehicle has cleared CBP. Evidence is CBP forms 3299, 3311, 3461, 6059, or 7501 stamped or endorsed by CBP.

NHTSA HS7 Form. 

U.S. Safety—Evidence of compliance with FMVSS vehicles 24 years old or newer. Satisfactory evidence is one of the following:
— The federal certification label affixed to the vehicle certifies the vehicle conforms to FMVSS. — A copy of the letter from the manufacturer certifying the vehicle complies with FMVSS and U.S. emissions standards (usually attainable only for vehicles from Canada).
 — A copy of the DOT bond release letter issued by the NHTSA.
 — A certificate of conformity issued by a CARB-licensed laboratory. (this letter of conformity is for emissions requirements. This line is in the wrong section. This should be under Emissions)

Emissions—Evidence of compliance with EPA and California emission standards. Any of the following are acceptable:
— An EPA and California emission label affixed to the vehicle..
— A certificate of conformity issued by a CARB-licensed laboratory. No smog certification is required if this document is submitted for original registration.
— A letter from the manufacturer stating the vehicle complies with FMVSS and U.S. emissions requirements (usually only attainable for vehicles from Canada).


R32 Nissan Skyline on the emissions dyno at a California certified lab. 


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