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Thursday, May 18, 2017

New website showcases $680 million investment in zero-emission transportation projects across California

“Moving California” website provides easy-to-use access for
consumers, communities to funding for cleanest cars, vans, buses,
and trucks

SACRAMENTO- Today, the California Air Resources Board (CARB)
announced the launch of Moving California,
http://www.arb.ca.gov/movingca , an easy-to-use website that
showcases how proceeds from the cap-and-trade program are funding
a wide variety of ultra-clean and zero-emission trucks, buses,
cars and low-carbon transportation projects throughout the state.
 Moving California also offers tools to help consumers and others
find funding and transportation opportunities that meet their
individual needs.

“Moving California is a user-friendly website that provides clear
guidance to consumers and communities about how they can be part
of the exciting transformation in California to zero- and
ultra-clean cars, trucks and buses,” said Executive Officer
Richard W. Corey. “It also highlights the successes of these
programs, showing how proceeds from the cap-and-trade program are
improving the quality of life of individuals and neighborhoods
throughout California.”

The Low Carbon Transportation program is part of California
Climate Investments, a statewide program that puts billions of
cap-and-trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions,
strengthening the economy and improving public health and the
environment— particularly in disadvantaged communities.

To date more than $600 million in cap-and-trade investments have
helped deliver approximately 115,000 zero-emission and plug in
cars; 46 heavy duty zero-emission trucks; 950 zero-emission
delivery, utility and refuse trucks; 407 zero-emission transit
buses, shuttles and light rail cars; and 29 electric school buses
in California.

The website was designed so users are never more than “two
clicks” away from the desired information.  It provides education
and awareness of clean transportation options, along with
downloadable fact sheets, and a listing of community events.  It
also provides information on available funding programs and
potential co-benefits for businesses, non-profits, and government

Moving California highlights many ongoing projects such as the
innovative new zero-emission car-sharing programs in
disadvantaged neighborhoods, low-carbon agricultural worker
van-pools in the San Joaquin Valley, and pilot projects to help
low-income consumers afford the cleanest vehicles on the market.
The website also features testimonials from community members who
have benefited from these programs.

The website is fully responsive and accessible on mobile devices.
 Visit www.arb.ca.gov/movingca and click on “Contact Us” if you
have any questions.


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