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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hawaii Imported Car Ban Attempt

We alway talk about California and Hawaii being the two most difficult states to have 25 year old vehicles. Even though Federally these vehicles are NHTSA and EPA exempt, these two states impose their own rules and regulations.  Scott has been fighting the good fight in Hawaii. The least you can do is read this information, and try and support him. This is a fight that he can not do alone. So rather than whining about the rules and regulations, get off you ass and do something about it.

Aloha All,
                I hope you all had a great holiday season and are full of energy to fight the battle against the DOT for registering our federally legal imported cars. With that being said here you guys go:
House Bill 2400
Introduced by:
Scott K. Saiki
Senate Bill 2827
Introduced by:
Ronald D. Kouchi

This is a set of companion bills introduced on behalf of the DOT. If you read the last couple pages it will tell you what the intention of these bills are and that is to eliminate the registering of or imported cars. They both have not been sent to committee but if this happens and they have a hearing date I highly suggest you make yourself available to make it down to the capital to attend and show your opposition to this bill. When this info becomes available I will be forwarding it to you guys.

In the mean time it is a great time to email your representatives in both the house and senate. You can find out who yours is by visiting https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/ you can also google this to try and figure out who represents you. Once you figure that out please draft an email to them explaining why you oppose this bill. The more personal you get the better. Not all reps will respond but please do this as we need to show them we have numbers. You are more than welcome to send your email daily if you would like. Also, at the same time please email the chair and vice chair of the transportation committees in both the senate and House as this is most likely the committee they will be going to first. If we can get these committees to not even hear the bill then it will die there. If it goes to a hearing we will need to all submit testimony on line once available and in person.
Senate transportation committee
Lorraine R. Inouye
Vice Chair
Will Espero

House transportation committee
Henry J.C. Aquino
Vice Chair
Sean Quinlan

Please make sure you address the correct bill # to the correct representative.
Some good points to hit on are that the cars in question are federally exempt from complying with the FMVSS based on 49 U.S.C. 30112(b)(9) and that the process described by the DOT as using a Registered Importer to bring into compliance does not exist for a vehicle over the age of 25 years old. You can also point out that Hawaii is the only state that has any laws against the registering of these cars.
The more emails the better so if you know anyone who would like to help please send them this email and help them draft an email.
This is just another attack on the car community of Hawaii and when does it stop? We need to stand up to the state officials and show them that they work for us and that we do not want them to oppose a process on us that does not exist.

Thanks for taking the time to read this email. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask. I will help as much as I can. Let’s not take this laying down.
Have a great day.

Scott-Michael Waracka


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