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Monday, August 13, 2018

Brakes : Nissan Skyline

Since the Nissan Skyline was never offered in the US, some maintenance parts can be hard to find. Since brake parts are wear items, they have to be replaced periodically.

The Skyline GT-R calipers are similar to the 300ZX, and use the same pads.  The front rotors however are larger 296 mm on the GT-R vs 280 mm on the Z32tt.

HR32 - 4 lug Nissan Skyline

On the rear brake side of the HR32, it appears nothing crosses over to any US chassis.

Rear brake pads, calipers, and rotor part numbers

AY060-NS008 - Pad kit, disc brake - Rear R32 HR32. 4 lug

44011-44F00 - Caliper Assembly, rear left hand - HR32

44001-44F00 - Caliper Assembly, rear right hand - HR32
Rear rotors
43206-15U01  (alternate - 43206-44F02)

R32 GTS4 HNR32 Brakes -

Early R32 GTS4 brake rotor  40206-69F00. Same as 300ZX


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