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Monday, July 6, 2020

Loading and Shipping Vehicles for Mad Max Fury Road : Container Shipping from the US to Australia

M811 6x6 trucks loaded and shipped to Australia along with many other vehicles and bodies for Mad Max Fury Road, back in 2009. It was a long time from when we shipped all these vehicles, until the movie was released.   Check out this video from Mad Max Bible.

It doesn't look like it will fit.
Wheels removed
Sliding one of the M811’s into a 40 foot high cube container

34 Chevy  body.  Some people have said that this body was a Ford, but it was a Chevrolet. Check out a few more 1934 Chevrolets.  https://barnfinds.com/all-original-barn-find-1934-chevrolet-coupe-deluxe/


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